A few quotes by Octavia Hill


"There is beyond all doubt in almost every town a great amount of volunteer work to be had, which, were it organised and concentrated, would achieve infinitely more than its best efforts can now accomplish."





"There are indeed many good things in life which may be unequally apportioned and no such serious loss arise, but the need of quiet, the need of air, the need of exercise, and, I believe, the sight of sky and of things growing, seem human needs, common to all men and not to be dispensed with without great loss."





You cannot deal with the people and their houses separately.  The principle on which the whole work rests is that the inhabitants and their surroundings must be improved together."





" In pleading for beauty for the inhabitants of our towns we are asking for no aristocratic luxury or exceptional superfluity, but for the restoration of some faint reflex of what our modern civilisation has taken away from the ordinary inheritance to which, as citizens of the fair earth, they were born."




"Beauty is for all, outward beauty in the single glimpses of green, in sunlight, however dimmed, in clouds, however darkened, in faces, however worn; inward beauty, unspeakable in gentleness, sacrifice, energy, generosity, humility, strength, reverence, in all nobleness, in all deeds, public and private."